Welfare State Woes

I originally missed the debate on LBC where a listener called in to to debate the proposed introduction of benefit cash cards and revealed he turned down a job because of an early start time. Most of the left sugar coat the Benefits system needs a radical overhaul. When Sir William Beveridge published his report identifying the five evils of society I doubt he had in mind the sorry situation we find ourselves now. Where benefit claimants actively choose to turn down employment opportunities, where people are afraid to do the hard work yet quite prepared to sit back and live on our taxes. The system is bankrupt that is not to say that every claimant abuses the system but at present the welfare state fails the people who rely upon it.

The Welfare State should provide support for those who find themselves in a situation where they are unable to provide for themselves yet provide an incentive to return to meaningful employment when the opportunity presents itself. Conservative MP Alec Shelbrooke has the right approach I feel when he argues for the introduction of a benefit cash card to prevent claimants from being able to purchase luxury goods such as alcohol and cigarettes, The Welfare state should be the social safety net that it was intended to be to prevent people from starvation and living in squalor.

Those who play the system, who reject employment opportunities should have incentives to change there ways, I advocate cutting all payments to those who are guilty of abusing the system, Such a tough approach will be greeted with a hostile reception by the political class however they answer to us, the people and I for one have had enough of the flagrant abuse of a system designed to save people from hardship.

Addressing just the manner in which benefits are given to claimants is not enough, the system should be reformed so that those who are able to work but lack a position of employment are made to spend the day doing work that benefits society as well as instilling a work ethic that has been eroded in some areas by the welfare state. This approach to social welfare will also provide much needed practical experience in the works environment to people who in some case have no meaningful experience of being in employment. The time is now upon us when we must say that the Welfare state is broken, and action must be taken to address its faults and reinforce the notion that work is not something that you can choose to opt out of and live upon the generosity of the tax payers, Some may say this approach to the Welfare state tars all claimants with the same brush personally I feel those who are in receipt of benefit payments would also share a dislike of the money for nothing attitude prevalent in some claimants like the caller to LBC. His actions and the actions of others like him make a mockery of both the tax payers who give them an undeserved standard of living and of those claimants who actively seek employment yet face rejection. The only losers from such changes to the welfare system would be those who choose to make the safety net a lifestyle choice and day time television viewing figures.

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