Trial by Media?

The ink is barely dry on the Leveson report, but does the media need regulating? last night the Guido Fawkes blog named another celebrity interviewed as part of Operation Yewtree, raising questions that the threat of the Leveson Report is cowing newspapers into silence. A free press is crucial for holding government to account does that freedom give the media free reign to subject individuals to trial not before a judge and a jury comprised of there peers but that of the mob?

In my mind we should resist the recommendations of the Leveson Report, regulation of the press has the potential to stifle investigative journalism, who is to decide what is and what is not in the public’s interest, a judge or a regulatory body? The press have the potential to be a force for the public’s good however it is crucial that ethics are taken into consideration so that individuals are not unfairly treated to trial by media.

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