Socialism in Wales

With Passenger numbers decreasing the Welsh Assembly Government has negotiated a deal to purchase “nationalise” Cardiff airport. Passenger numbers are down by 13% yet Carwyn Jones the Labour First Minister is determined to see the purchase go through.

I feel that the Welsh Government purchasing the airport fails to address the underlying issues that have contributed to a fall in passenger numbers. Firstly transportation links to the airport are at best poor compared to competitors. Secondly the airport lacks the flights and services that attract passengers, would the Welsh Government be able to address these issues to save the airport becoming a huge waste of public money?

Carwyn Jones claims that the public opinion supports his proposal to purchase the airport that remains to be seen in my opinion. To transform and revitalise the Welsh economy, Cardiff airport must improve I fail to see how the Welsh Government can achieve what the private sector has thus far failed to do. Industries experts have voiced concern about the proposal saying it is not an long term strategy and truly time will be the judge of this approach.

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