Spreading the word of aspiration

By Charlotte Argyle – Executive Member of the Conservative Women’s Organisation and Candidate for Deputy Chairman Political of Conservative Future

Like most people I meet every day, I found myself adhering to a whole host of common norms and values, without ever questioning who actually sets them, who influences those that do and whether or not they are actually qualified to do so.

It became apparent that I could no longer sit at home disagreeing with the TV and becoming irate about the topics which matter most to me. I decided it was time to raise my head above the parapet and see what I could add.

After ten years of dutifully paying taxes and bills I wanted to see a little bit more bang for my buck and where my buck goes and why. People who work hard and play by the rules were made to feel decidedly uncomfortable by the type and speed of change imposed upon them by Labour.

As this Conservative-led government has shown this week: the Conservative Party is standing up for  the strivers, the overwhelming majority of society, while the opposition continue to help  everyone else. Enough is enough.

I am proud to be a member of the greatest party to have ever steered this country, Great Britain and the largest youth political organisation in the UK, Conservative Future. I suddenly find myself united with more than 18000 members sharing a common goal: spreading the word of aspiration.

I am standing for the position of Deputy Chair Political in the forthcoming Conservative Future National Elections as I believe I can bring a fresh approach and different perspective to the table.

Our organisation has made amazing inroads across campuses up and down the country but, as someone who chose not to go to university, I want to make politics more accessible to everyone and that includes people like me – people who vote Conservative but didn’t necessarily get involved early on.

Being at the coalface of business through my career means I can contribute further views, experience and thoughts around matters such as education, apprenticeships and taxation as well as those crucial contacts that members could leverage in the world of business.

I feel that it is time for Conservative Future to have a strong reach into the main party and that people such as myself can engage directly on the matters which concern our government. That means engaging in debates as much as rallying the troops and burning holes in our shoes.

We know that our members are passionate activists who hold strong views on these matters and I have the resources to expand these further by supporting them and providing a platform for events, contacts, opportunities and development.

There’s a lot of talk about non-London centricity but I want to talk about the idea of all members taking responsibility to provide a real support mechanism to its base. Every single one of us should have the opportunity and confidence to stand in whatever capacity we feel passionate about and everyone should be encouraged to do this.

This born-and-bred Nottinghamshire lass completely buys into the fact that Conservative Future, like politics in general, should not be centric to one area. After all we have to represent a national electorate. What matters most is how we treat our fellow members and the support we offer each other – this should be all year round and extend to when people are standing for positions. I believe that many do not stand as they feel worried about the vitriolic attacks they may be subjected to.  I wish we would take more of this to the lefties rather than our own.

Paul Holmes and I have clearly laid out in our manifesto manifesto the ways in which we will support the main party to achieve a majority in 2015. We need to work better, together, and concentrate our energies on what we all really want: a country led by our party, holding our views; Tory values.

Only by nurturing all of our members and embracing their personalities and unique skills can we provide a really strong political mass to overturn the inroads which our opposition is making.

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