The Conservative Party, The Party of the Working Class

 In the end, the Labour party could cease to represent labour. Stranger historic ironies have happened than that.

Enoch Powell wrote that nearly fifty years ago in 1964, in an article for the Sunday Telegraph. Today I argue that the Conservative party offers more for the working man than the Labour party and has the potential to best represent those who work. At the present the coalition parties trail Labour in the polls, but all is not lost.

If Cameron is to gain a majority he must engage the ordinary Britons, who work hard and look for a party that espouse the values they possess. When Margaret Thatcher became Prime Minister for the first time she credited her father and her background for instilling in her the values which won the general election. Cameron must not play down his background as you can not choose that, however he must show he understands and appreciates the struggles that ordinary Britons face today.

This week the Labour party should there true colours, prepared to improve the lot of those on benefits rather than supporting those who work and choose to work. Not all in receipt of benefits are shirkers however the Labour party approach demeans those that work. Making work an option not a personal responsibility. Here Cameron must appeal to the people and become there champion, the champion of the working class.

Under the last Labour government unemployment grew a sad indictment for the supposed party of the working man. Whilst I look to the areas with safe Labour seats such as the Welsh Valleys and the North and I see little evidence that Labour did anything to improve the lot of those people, Industry declined. Not content with just failing the country they failed there own support base just as badly.

If we can push the message of aspiration, reward for hard work we can transform Britain for the better.


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