Europe: A Simple Choice?

Yesterday both Ed Miliband and Danny Alexander gave their opinion about the possibility of an EU Referendum. But would the referendum merely be a case of yes or no? Integration or isolation?

It is clear that commentators over simplify the issue of UK membership of Europe. It is not the case that should the British public vote no in a referendum that Britain would be isolated. Lack of full membership of the EU, does not hinder states such as Norway, Iceland and Switzerland from enjoying the benefits of a relationship with Europe.

So- if the British public were to vote no in a referendum and we were to renegotiate our relationship with Europe the question should be, what settlement could be reached? This is difficult to determine however I feel we could realistically achieve a settlement similar to that enjoyed by states that are members of the European Free Trade Area.

Like everything, Europe is not simply a case of yes or no, I think that this is a subject that is not simply black or white there are various shades of grey too many for one post to be honest.


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