Blue Collar Tories is committed to providing sensible commentary on news and events across the globe but mostly the UK. Expect occasional posts that may ridicule politicians and probably will offend those who are wets, socialists and like being politically correct.

Why Blue Collar Conservatism?

Conservatism needs to engage with the people and to do this we need to promote conservatism that is on the side with those who aspire to make something of there lives. Who do not accept the status quo but work to make a better life for themselves and there families. The public has bought into this in the past making Mrs Thatcher Prime Minister in 1979 and now Britain is crying out for Blue Collar Conservatism.

The Blue Collar Tory Blog Team

True Blue Tory

Born in an Industrial Town in West Wales,  True Blue Tory stood as a Conservative Party candidate in the Local Government Elections in 2012. Born into a family of life long Labour supporters and is the grandson of a Trade Union Representative and Labour Party Activist. Ideologically a Thatcherite and advocate of the economic policies of F.A Hayek.



2 thoughts on “About

  1. Thomas E Kingston

    Great to see a blog like this up and running. Hopefully as a party we can do some drastic revitalization of our policies and help people realise that we are THE party for the people, regardless of class or economic situation and wean them off the lies Labour has been feeding them for so long

    I wish you all the best in your endeavours


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