Conservative Future Elections

Mostly I am sorry for the way I thought of other people. Like a good general, I had treated everyone who wasn’t with me as against me.
Lee Atwater

For those who are unfamiliar with the name Lee Atwater, he was a Republican political strategist who was was responsible for utilising aggressive tactics in several presidential election campaigns. With the Conservative Future elections upon the horizon, will candidates and their supporters come to regret their actions as Atwater eventually did?

It saddens me that people are seemingly prepared to sacrifice friendship for the sake of a political role which outside the Conservative Future bubble will receive little or no recognition. Those who feel that an executive position is the stepping stone to advancing in politics need to think again, I personally know of someone who has not occupied any executive role yet has recently been approved to become a parliamentary candidate.

I feel those who stand for election should do so with the intention of making a positive impact within the organisation, after all we are all members of the same party. Those who use negative campaigning methods need to be aware that when the dust settles they will have to contend with the fall out of their actions. Negative campaigning and its impact could have far reaching implications that damage the ability of Conservative Future to be a force for good within the party.


I just owe almost everything to my father and it’s passionately interesting for me that the things that I learned in a small town, in a very modest home, are just the things that I believe have won the election.
Margaret thatcher, 1979

Indonesia Sentences Briton To Death

Today, a court in Indonesia has sentenced a British citizen to death. Lindsay Sandiford was arrested in Bali, in May last year in possession of 4.8 kg of Cocaine which she claims she was coerced into smuggling into Indonesia.

MacShane Under Investigation

Today the Metropolitan police have announced they are re-opening the investigation into claims of expenses fraud by disgraced former Labour MP for Rotherham, Denis MacShane.

Last year Denis MacShane was forced to resign as an MP, after admitting using fake receipts to claim expenses. MacShane has been investigated before by police however due to lack of evidence the investigation was halted. Could the former Rotherham MP end up behind bars?

The Labour Government has been responsible for the Welsh economy for 14 years, but has idly watched Cardiff Airport decline year after year.

Now they have committed to buying the airport with taxpayers’ cash with no idea how much it will cost. Labour failed to invest in road links to the airport and failed to work with the company to attract airlines and improve the range of flights available. Now they are indulging their socialist pipe dreams of the state owning an airport.

Andrew RT Davies AM, Leader of the Welsh Conservatives, 2013

Is the Coalition government doing a good job?